We are Marc and Brenda Bergreen, a husband and wife team of visual storytellers who specialize in documenting people and places. We love to find a meaningful story whether we are photographing outdoor adventure, mountain landscapes, or telling impactful or informative stories for our clients. We seek to inspire and connect with the subject and the viewer. Based in Evergreen CO, we travel regularly in pursuit of beautiful light and locations.


Marc Begreen has always had a love of adventure and photography often blending the two to share the experiences with others. Marc is our director of photography and gear enthusiast. He’s the one you can trust to nail that technical shot, create an emotional timelapse that makes you fall in love with the landscape, or fly the drone through a spectacular scene. He loves researching the best tools to accomplish our goals. Check out his gear reviews on our YouTube channel and ShotKit. (more)


Brenda Bergreen is a director, photographer, writer, storyteller, and lover of people. She has a passion for using our work to tell a richer story, inspire action, and reach inside of you to pull out your emotions and passion. Brenda has a knack for using visual media to create deeper connections and communication that cuts through the noise. View her musings in Adventure Pro Magazine, ShotKit, PetaPixelBergreen Photography blog where she talks about photography, creativity, adventure, and more.