personal work

island escape

Having visited several times previously we were passionate about the little island of Culebra, Puerto Rico. Over the course of our 3 week trip, we documented our experience to remember the joy this amazing place holds in our hearts.

colorado 14ers

With 58 summits above 14k feet, we have been on a low key mission to climb them all. Our passion for adventure shines on these summits as we often choose the most aesthetic¬†instead of the easiest route to the top. Our passion for photography, cinematography, running, and climbing merge on this passion project. We’re in no hurry to finish tackling all the summits as we focus more on enjoying the journey and ticking off a few summits each year.

yoga in nature

Highlighting our passion for yoga and outdoor photography, this project was one of the first personal projects we undertook. Working with professional yogis and everyday people, our aim was to discover what could be learned from taking yoga outside the studio.