nova guides winter

Nova Guides contracted the Bergreen’s to create fresh photo and video content for their website, social channels, and a variety of ad placements. We planned and executed a four-day shoot covering everything from the guest experience to aspirational action media.

“Hey Marc, I LOVE the slide show! These are amazing shots. Thanks so much for all of this, so excited to share the final results with everyone!” – Scout | Delaware North

nova guides summer

In summer we returned to Nova Guides to create summer photo and video content to showcase the variety of summer activities on site. We planned and executed a multi-day shoot covering jeep, ATV, and side-by-side tours as well as fly-fishing and archery. We worked with a family as our primary models to showcase the client experience.

“AMAZING. Everyone is SO happy with these previews!” – Brailey | Delaware North

liberty skis

With the 20 year anniversary of their brand, Liberty Skis came to us to produce an Origin Story short film highlighting their roots as a Colorado brand. The character profile and athlete story of local legend Gary Fondl and his daughter Sophia was the perfect blend of history and passing the torch of ski culture. With quick coordination we were able to complete this production before the snow melted in late May for a fall launch. 

“I wanted to express my utmost appreciation for the incredible work you and Brenda have put into this project. The video is truly amazing and captures the essence of the Liberty brand exceptionally well. The dialogue was relevant and engaging, the shots were captivating, and it effectively resonates with our target demographic.” – Jake | Liberty Skis

“Once again, thoroughly impressed with this. The guys at the office were frothing over all of the footage you got. There is a LOT of good stuff in there.” – Jake | Liberty Skis

We reconnected with Liberty Skis to create resort footage showcasing their new Radian and Horizon freeride skis. It was a blast working with such talented athletes on a beautiful day.


During their brand and digital launch, Tuned contracted us to produce visuals for their website, app, and social presence. This one day shoot showcased three different athletes to highlight how the service could be used. Working side by side the Bergreen’s collaborated to direct and produce photo and video media to define the brand ethos. 

“Firstly, I am totally thrilled with the quality of the work from you and Brenda! Really terrific. You have confirmed that I made the correct choice in photographers. Politics aside, it reminds me of that old Regan saying of “Trust but verity…”. Verified. You guys are good.” – Benjamin | Tuned


With an expanding athlete roster, COROS asked the Bergreens to produce a story highlighting how two of their ski mountaineering athletes use their COROS watches and training platform to prepare for big mountain expeditions. Over a two day shoot we chased Hilary and Jim through the mountain playground of Telluride, CO. With camera gear in tow, Marc and Brenda ice climbed and backcountry skied around the backcountry to tell the story. 

 “I’ve watched it a handful of times and really like it a lot! Thanks for the work Marc. Stoked to see it go live!” -Mike | COROS

Here are two more projects from our work with COROS. To produce photos for a product launch, the Bergreens worked with Emma Coburn to capture her training around her home in Boulder, CO. With a very tight schedule between, we were able to produce a wide variety of images that met the needs of the client. For another product launch we created a video showcasing strength and workout programs.